Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kitchen Staple: Cornmeal

Since I've called for this in a previous post, I thought I'd share how I make it. Here you can get something called corn flour (not to be confused with the "corn flour" name on the corn starch box in the baking aisle). It's flour made with corn and is usually sold near the rice and other grains. In my opinion, it's a little too fine to be cornmeal. There's also something called corn grits here, which is a little too rough to be called cornmeal. So...the happy medium is a balance of the two.

Photo Credit: Louisiana Pride Grist Mill

2-4 cups finely ground corn
2-4 cups corn grits

Place the corn grits in the dry cup that comes with most blenders (or a coffee grinder also works). Grind until it's a medium to coarse consistency. Mix the ground grits with the finely ground corn to get a good cornmeal consistency.

Alternatively, take dried corn to one of the shops that grinds spices and flours and explain what you want. I had a friend do this and get perfect results a couple years ago. I also read that popcorn seeds make cornmeal with a really nice flavor. Try grinding these in the grinding cup to make cornmeal.

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